Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is this site about?
After much debate about the purpose of this site and what I should call it, I've settled on using my own name. Not very original. I can't narrow my ideas and all the good URLs are taken anyway so I think I'll just start with my name and go from there.

The purpose of this site
In general, my three areas of interest are:

  • Formative assessment in the classroom
  • Teacher induction and mentoring
  • Statistical tools for analyzing teacher work

The third idea needs some work. It comes from my interest in technology, but I think EdTech blogs are a dime a dozen, so I can't cover anything here that isn't covered elsewhere much better. What I can do, though, is think about current educational research in real world terms and what classroom teachers and administrators might do to change what their doing to make smart decisions at their school sites.

Iterative process of teaching & learning
Nothing is written that can't be changed, deleted, and unwritten. These bells can be unrung. I reserve the right to make mistakes and fix them or simply change my mind about what goes here and the direction of this site. This is electronic media after all - not a newsletter. As electronic media it may exist somewhere else, but that's out of my control.

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