Dr. Darren Battaglia is an educator, techie, and consultant based between Portland, Oregon and the Silicon Valley.

Education & Background 

After earning a B.A. in chemistry at Occidental College, Darren moved to Mexico City to teach English. While in Mexico, he briefly studied sociology and economics at two Mexican universities.

When fame and fortune did not seek him out, he returned to the United States and completed an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, picking up teaching and educational administration credentials along the way. 

A school administrator and classroom teacher for over twenty years, he consults with educational institutions on using formative assessment in for student motivation and instructional change and strengthening district, professional development programs. He completed his doctorate at San Francisco State University in Educational Leadership.

His research interests are teacher mentoring, formative assessment, and statistical models to predict teacher retention. When not studying or working, you can find him surfing the net, listening to disco, and discovering new ways to procrastinate.


His infrequently updated personal blog can be found here.